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CFO Services

Virtual CFO Services And Business Consulting

We help owners and executives of small and middle-market private medical practices, healthcare, biomed, biotech, medical device manufacturing, and life science businesses accelerate their growth and take them to the next level by offering a variety of Outsourced Virtual CFO Services, Strategic Business and Financial Planning, Business Consulting, Business Intelligence and Dashboards, and Startup CFO Solutions.

CFO Services for Startups
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Outsourced and Physician CFO Services
Financial Planning and Business Intelligence
Cash Forecasting and Profitability Consulting

What Makes Our CFO Services Unique?

Our process begins with custom designing the fit-for-purpose CFO Services to help accelerate our client's growth while also taking into account their needs, key milestones, realistic execution deliverables, and budget.  We do this by taking a holistic view to building processes and teams, as opposed to an a-la-carte menu of services.  This is the way we ran businesses for Fortune 500 and Fortune Global 100 companies and high net worth families who have built significant companies.  We have just tailored our approach to the specific needs of smaller, private companies.

We make it easy for our clients to plug and play our services into their organizations.  We offer flexible service options (Outsourced CFO, Fractional CFO, Part Time CFO, Interim CFO based on availability, CFO Consulting, Outsourced Financial Planning and Analysis), reliable virtual capabilities and SMEs, hybrid onsite and virtual engagements, and our technology stack leverages affordable cloud technologies and apps.  We offer CFO Advisory Services that essentially wrap around a company's accounting provider.  Not surprisingly, our custom solutions are often less expensive than other alternatives.    

Physician CFO Service Plans

The Healthcare CFO has developed a Physician CFO Service (also known as a Doctor CFO or Medical Practice CFO) package that looks at monthly or quarterly cash flow, financial performance, and even analyzes financial data from your EHR revenue cycle and medical billing provider (ex. Athenahealth). The package was designed with physician/owners in mind, it targets the cash flow challenges they face, and is helps them run successful practices so they can put back cash in their pockets.

Every business needs a financial plan to meet its growth expectations, including physician practices. To learn more, see our blog post How Outsourcing Your CFO Work Can Strengthen Your Medical Practice.

The Benefits of Hiring Us

Outsourced CFO Services

Hiring an outsourced CFO to manage your company’s finances is a great way to strengthen and grow your business. For private companies, there are so many choices other than just hiring a full-time and part-time CFO. For example, a Fractional CFOs are outsourced cfos that are retained to work when you need them. Or maybe you want to limit CFO work to a special CFO Consulting project which is another form of outsourced cfo services we offer. Most of our services are virtual cfo services as most work can be completed remotely.


We offer a range of cfo services. The first step is to understand the many ways our outsourced cfo services can benefit you:


  1. Customized cfo services tailored to your needs versus standard cookie cutter options offered by others.

  2. Provide you with an experienced CFO Advisor.

  3. Achieve your financial and business goals.

  4. Recommend ways to improve your corporate governance and strengthen your internal controls.

  5. Advise your company board and provide a CFO to present professional financial updates to your private board.

  6. Facilitate strategic discussions and planning.

  7. Help you develop a working capital playbook and implement plans.

  8. Build your financial and business intelligence.

  9. Increase investor and external confidence in your leadership and your team.

  10. Go beyond reporting and help you drive the numbers.

  11. Explain and select debt and equity funding options.

  12. Prepare you for investor pitches and tough investor Q&A sessions.

  13. Plan for executive and family succession. Prepare the company for future transactions.

  14. Analyze, plan, budget or forecast ahead using financial models and scenario analysis.

  15. Offer recommendations to manage your accounts receivable and cash flow.

  16. Make recommendations to improve your bottom-line profitability.

  17. Provide pricing, procurement, and productivity guidance and recommendations.

  18. Offer creative cost-cutting ideas and search for outsourcing opportunities.

  19. Assist in vetting opportunities, analyzing data, and supporting critical decisions.

  20. Make smart and impactful digital technology investments and look for additional opportunities to optimize your workforce.

Cash Flow Forecast Services

It’s The #1 Financial Planning Tool For Businesses.

The Healthcare CFO Cash Flow Management and Forecasting Services Website.jpg

Are you worried you might run out of cash in your business?
Does your cash flow fluctuate up and down a lot, making it hard to know whether you’ll have enough? 
Is your bank balance so low that you’re having to closely manage it on a daily basis, wasting precious time you could be using building or re-building your business?

If so, you’re in the perfect place to benefit from our cash flow forecast service.  Not knowing your company’s future cash balance can cause you to miss financial goals, and in some cases, cause catastrophic problems if shortfalls are not caught early enough.  See why our healthcare cfo blogger says Cash Flow Forecasting is the Number One #1 Financial Planning Tool for Business.

We Have Provided CFO Advisory & Consulting Services Through Our Parent Since 2013

We Want You And Your Business to Thrive!

Owning and running a private company is tough. Your least abundant resource is time and if you are growing - you never have enough cash flow. As companies grow and scale, it’s common for us to see clients often hit a series of growing pains. 

  • Struggling to treat patients and run their businesses because they are overrun with too many responsibilities.

  • Unfamiliarity with what is going on with the financial health of their companies. 

  • Not getting relevant and impactful information they need to aid in decision making.

  • Encountering growth resistance points and frustrated with an inability to make traction.

  • Feeling something is off or there is a gap, but not exactly sure what "it" is. 

  • Not getting candid feedback, constructive guidance, or practical solutions to tackle problems.

We have experience helping clients with these issues and much more. What we do is help you see the big picture and understand how the administrative and operational pieces of your business impact your profitability, cash flow, and/or hold back growth so you can take action.  We offer a range of virtual cfo services including Physician CFO Services, Outsourced Financial Planning and Analysis Services, and Strategic Planning.

Who We Are

​Our CFO Firm

  • The Healthcare CFO is a division of The Energy CFO, a successful 9-year old CFO Advisory and Consulting Service Firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

  • We specialize in helping private entrepreneurial organizations in the healthcare (and energy) space.

  • We are a women majority owned and led by an award-winning CFO/CPA. 

Our CFO Team

  • Combined finance and accounting work experience 100+ years.

  • Strong business, strategic, financial, risk management, and operational acumen.

  • Work for Fortune 500, Fortune Global 100, and all sizes of private companies.

CFO, Business, and Other Awards

  • Winner of the National Association of Women Business Owner's (NAWBO) prestigious "2019 Woman Business Owner of the Year".

  • Business Journal's 2014 "Best CFO for Private Companies".

  • Additional Industry and Community Awards Received by Parent Company

How Our Fractional CFO Services Add Value

Save Time
Save Money

Outsource your CFO work to us and optimize your time. Our CFO Services are designed to save you time and find ways to save you money. You will get more done so your company can make more money.

Your Finances

We analyze your financial information and meet with you monthly to provide you with our analysis, insights, and recommendations. We will explain finance and accounting concepts you have questions about.

Make Informed Bus. Decisions

Get timely and relevant business intelligence, ad-hoc analysis, and financial advice to help you  make informed decisions. We help identify and narrow down options 

based on your objectives.

Build Leader Confidence 

We help maximize the Return on Investment on your time and money invested in your business. Our services not only help you increase your financial acumen, but also build confidence in your business and leadership.

Your Business

We help you strategize and plan for growth, devise an action plan, create budgets

and financial projections, forecast your cash sources and uses, secure funding, lower your costs, improve profits, track and measure business performance.

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