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Roland Aguilar Senior Financial Consultant

Roland Aguilar
Project CFO | Senior Consultant

Roland Aguilar brings over 30 years of global and domestic finance and accounting experience to his English speaking and Spanish speaking clients. He is passionate about helping companies strengthen financial and accounting processes. Graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.B.A in Marketing (Cum Laude), obtaining a minor in Spanish and going on to obtain a total of 30 hours in intermediate and advanced accounting.  Roland’s expertise includes financial planning and analysis, accounting, international projects, and training operations and finance employees across organizations.  

By taking on new challenges Roland has diversified his accounting background from that of his peers.  On the operational side, he has extensive inventory and SKU tracking, COGS analysis and transfer pricing experience.  In addition, fixed asset accounting, tax basis, and revenue management reporting (including Athena Health for clients).  On the general ledger side, Roland has been sought out to support companies with accounting cleanup, intercompany cleanup, and consolidations.  He is proud to be known for his meticulous nature and his internal/external clients have enjoyed solid deliverables like general ledger remapping across multiple databases, multiple currencies, languages, helping develop internal controls and document business processes.


Roland has worked for global and domestic Fortune 500, high net worth individuals and private companies on domestic and international projects throughout his career.  Roland's experiences include working for entrepreneurial companies like EOG and Hunt Oil (one of the largest privately held companies in the US) and Enron International in the 1990s.  He has also worked for international companies like the UK's  Globeleq (power), the Dominican Republic's EGE Haina (power), Korean owned renewable provider, OCI Solar Power, and global driller, Tesco Drilling. 


Though energy has been his core work, Roland has also worked in the biomedical industry with Acelity/KCI and medical device, regenerative medicine, and biotech clients for The Energy CFO.  He also has community affairs experience working for the City of Houston municipality. 

Roland Aguilar Bio

Mentoring and Coaching

“Roland has a real gift for connecting with people and adapting to cultures quickly”.

 Along the way, Roland has been engaged by clients and employers to mentor and coach (train) their field supervisors, engineers, operations and accounting staff in Laos (ສະບາຍດີ [sába̖ai-di̖i]), Dominican Republic, Peru, Brazil, and even Budapest in financial planning and analysis, developing bottom-up budgets, revenue recognition, inventory tracking, transfer pricing, foreign currency translation issues, how to navigate and use various ERP and QBO (Roland is a Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor) accounting systems, fin-tech reporting systems, US GAAP accounting, etc. 


Budgeting  and Cash Forecasts

Roland has many years of asset management and project accounting experience which entailed building robust budgets for international energy projects, projecting cash needs and key project milestones, updating Flash and quarterly forecasts, comparing actual performance to budgets and prior year performances, and explaining variances to operating managers and senior leaders.  

These budgets and forecasts include sales projections, capital budgets, expense projections, depreciation schedules, and proforma income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statements.  Examples of more challenging expense projections include automating large portfolios of patent prosecution and maintenance for 27 different countries over a 10 year period.

Bugeting and Cash Forecasts
Financial Modeling & Analysis

Financial Modeling and Analysis 

Roland is a self-proclaimed modeling “enthusiast” who has learned the complexities of Excel and the newer fin-tech apps and dashboards employed by The Healthcare CFO as part of its Small Physician CFO Services.   He enjoys helping companies create budgets and forecasts, dashboards, other financial models and spreadsheets that both facilitate and accelerate financial and accounting processes, while also improving accuracy. 


Roland's experience includes developing automatic patent maintenance and prosecution model to support the financial model for a startup life science company with a portfolio of more than 200 patents in 20+ countries.  More recently, he analyzed a publically traded medical device company's sales and marketing pricing, cost, and purchasing data for new insights and developed a custom-tailored monthly dashboard for the global head of marketing and his regional team to track financial and non-financial data.

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